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SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT! The Dr. Rima Institute and the Natural Solutions Center is opened. If you are interested in an in-person, by phone or internet consultation, please complete the Potential Client Question form, Click Here.

For a current listing of Services and Prices: Click Here This web page is about the General Integrative Protocol of the Institute; for the HCG Diet Protocol, please Click Here.

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The Natural Solutions Foundation, founded in 2004, is an international NGO (Non Governmental Organization) focused on food and health. We are active and registered in several countries and a not for profit 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization in the United States. We are a private interest foundation in Panama, where Dr. Rima E. Laibow, MD, our Medical Director is establishing the Natural Solutions Center at the Valley of the Moon. The Mission of the Foundation is to discover, develop, document, demonstrate and disseminate natural solutions regarding health and food to achieve and maintain a healthy self, community and world.

The International Decade of Nutrition Program and an alliance among Health Conscious Nations expressed through international cooperation at Codex (the World Food Code) and the creation of demonstration BeyondOrganic, BioDynamic, Zero Emissions - BO-BD-ZE™, Ecologically Sound communities and schools for farmers to share high impact, low technology natural solutions to permit economically and environmentally sustainable, chemical free farming.. Among these, we consider Fr. Godfrey's UN recognized Songhai Community in Benin to be an outstanding example and we have formed a strategic alliance with that Community, sponsoring BioDynamic methods testing there. The Panama Natural Solutions Foundation has also established the Valley of the Moon™ Eco Community in the beautiful, temperate Highlands of Chiriqui Province, Panama. This Protocol was developed by Dr. Rima for the Dr. Rima Institute at the Valley of the Moon Natural Solutions Center.


Integrative Protocol

Advanced HealthCare and Wellness Protocol
Natural Solutions Advanced HealthCare Detoxification Therapies [TM]
Toxic Factors Detoxification Focus Program
[Anticipated opening: Spring, 2010.]

This memo outlines the Natural Solutions Center's approach to Advanced HealthCare Detoxification and Health Restoration Therapies, focusing on managing vaccine and other environmental toxin elimination through natural, non-toxic means. Detoxification is a central focus of the Natural Solutions Foundation (Panama) Advanced HealthCare Center in Volcan, Panama. The health facility caters to resident Ex-patriots (US and others), the rejuvenation medical tourism community of interest, the the Panamanian community and local natural health, wellness and healing consumers.

With concern for detoxification and enzymatic remediation at its core, the Center offers advanced, world class therapies that may benefit both the client's short- and long-term quality of health, life and well-being. Because we believe that natural health care is valuable for all groups, we anticipate being able to offer these advanced methods as a charitable service to members of the local Latino and indigenous population who would not otherwise be able to afford them. Separate funding will be sought for this outreach program.

The facility is located at the Natural Solutions Wellness Center, sharing space with an on-site Seminar Facility that includes lush gardens, fresh air, magnificent views, BeyondOrganic BioDynamic [TM] Intensive Urban Agriculture Teaching Greenhouses, an Internet Cafe, a Dance/Movement/Performance Center, Reception Facility, Shop, Administration Services and the Natural Solutions Foundation (Panama) Headquarters, and a totally BeyondOrganic, BioDynamic Coffee Shop and Restaurant.


The Advanced Wellness Services privately offered at the Clinic include:

I. Initial Evaluation

- a. Questionnaires:

-- 1. Nutritional/Health/Lifestyles
-- 2. Toxic Load Evaluator -

- b. Blood Profiles and other laboratory tests reviewed by

-- 1). Physician for pathologies
-- 2).Nutritionist for evaluation within the range of normality

- c. BioTerrain Metabolic Analysis reviewed by

-- 1). Physician for pathologies and
-- 2). Nutritionist for evaluation within the range of normality

- d. Cardiogram reviewed by Physician for pathologies

- e. When available and as needed, Holistic Dental Examination

- f. Chiropractic Examination

- g. BioAcoustic Evaluation - Vocal Profiling and Interpretive

- h. Brain Mapping and Interpretive Report


II. PATH and Advanced Healthcare Team (AHT) Evaluation

A. Our Staff Team, the Advanced Healthcare Team (AHT), including a Physician, Nutritionist, Dentist and Chiropractor, Naturopath, Herbalist and Acupuncturist, reviews the initial evaluations and then makes joint recommendations for:

- a. Tests or procedures necessary for detection of suspected pathologies
- b. Therapies to support normal immune and other responses to pathologies
- c. When available or necessary, holistic dental work
-- 1. removal of mercury or other toxic filings
- d. Chiropractic/Physical therapy treatments
- e. Colonic Irrigation Therapy
- f. Hydrotherapy
- g. Acupuncture, acupressure, moxibustion and other traditional oriental treatments
- h. Massage therapy, reflexology
- i. Frequency treatment
-- 1. Sound
-- 2. RF
-- 3. Homeopathy
-- 4. NeuroBioFeedback
- j. Far-Infrared Sauna Therapy

B. The AHT recommends a course of healthcare to strengthen health, address diagnosed clinical issues and to develop a personalized rejuvenation program the Personalized Advanced Therapeutic Healthcare program or PATH. Where serious toxic assaults have occurred (such as vaccinationlong-term toxic exposure at work or home,inoculation with toxic substances, ingesting of toxic materials, etc.) the AHT will pay special attention to detoxification procedures. Utilizing nutrition, energy techniques with colonic irrigation, hydrotherapy, and infrared sauna, the body can be gently and effectively guided to rid itself of the accumulated toxins of a lifetime, or recently acaquired toxic loads, includinginoculation.


III. Care, Counseling and Follow-up

A. All PATH Patients receive consultations with Physician, Naturopath, Nutritionist and other appropriate personnel as needed, seeing a Physician at least once a week.

B. Treatments and Therapies that may benefit their recipients at facility include:
- a. Massage and Body Work
- b. Physical manipulation
- c. Chiropractic and structural manipulation
- d. Acupuncture, Acupressure and Moxibustion
- e. Homeopathy - f. Frequency modalities
- g. Prescriptive Diets and other Nutritional Counseling at facility; development of Personal Diet and Supplementation Plan for continued use after guest leaves the facility
- h. NeuroBioFeedback
- i. Detoxification procedures
-- 1. Far Infra Red Sauna
-- 2. Lymphatic Detoxification
-- 3. Colonic Irrigation and Hydrotherapy

C. Additional Therapies and Services

a. Lifestyle Counseling at facility
b. Follow-up Counseling via scheduled phone interviews
c. Intravenous intensive nutrition
d. Chelation Therapy
e. Prescriptive dining based on personal needs while at facility
f. Diet Recommendations and recipes for long term health maintenance
g. Sessions in teaching kitchen
h. Supervised exercise and mobilization
i. Yoga
j. Stretching
k. Targeted Exercise
l. Rebounder, Bounce chair, trampoline and low impact exercise
m. Aerobic and recreational dance


Supporting the Center

Donate to Support the Dr Rima Center in Panama

Donate to Support the Dr Rima Institute at the Natural Solutions Center in Panama

Dr. Rima E. Laibow, MD as Medical Director of the Foundation, is establishing the Natural Solutions Center in Panama to discover, develop, document, demonstrate and disseminate natural solutions to the health and food issues face us, to achieve and maintain a healthy self, community and world. The Dr. Rima Institute is the detoxification, rejuvination and wellness aspect of the center, just as the Natural Clinical Trials Program,
, is a separate operation at the Center. As of Spring 2010, the Center is physically complete and the final preparations are now being made to equip and open the Center. Funding is needed to support this specific project, without taking funds from the Natural Solutions Fondation - - effort to preserve our health and food freedoms by, for example,educating decision makers in the US and globally about such issues as forced vaccination, GMOs, Codex and the like. Therefore we have established a special donation area just for the Center. Please use the PayPal button below to make these special donations. Any amount you can donate is appreciated. Donation receipt for donations over $75.00 are provided with our thanks. To express our thanks to those who can help open the Dr. Rima Institute at the Natural Solutions Center, Valley of the Moon, we offer special gifts:


$150 and receive a coupon for a free massage at the Center
$500 to receive a Far Infra Red Sauna sesson and a massage at the Center
$1000 to receive Far Infra Red Sauna, a massage at the Center and 30 minute consult with Dr. Rima
$5000 for 2 free Far Infra Red sauna sessions, 2 massages at the Center, two 30 minute consultations with Dr. Rima or 1 60 minute session with her (may be used for 2 individuals or a couple), and 2 Beyond Organic BioDynamic meals at the Center BeyondOrganic BioDynamic restaurant.



Prepared by: Rima E. Laibow, MD and R Fucetola JD
Copyright 2009, 2010 rev.06.20.10